Rulebreakers No. 5 – Be in it, to win it.
Break More Rules

Imagine the following people. Not existing people – people entirely of your imagination. What they look like, how old they are, even what their names might be. If it helps, write it down. A president – a benevolent leader, loved and respected by their people A billionaire – a self-made success, driven and honest An […]

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Rulebreakers No. 4 – You do you.
Break more rules

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple, step-by-step universal recipe for achieving anything? A set of instructions that you could follow and at the end you are guaranteed to reach whatever goal you were aiming for. Obviously, there isn’t, or we’d surely long have discovered it and we’d all be on the beach sipping cocktails now. […]

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Rulebreakers No. 3 – Creativity? No problem!
Creativity? No Problem!

“Creating something is all about problem-solving.” – Philip Seymour Hoffman I get asked what I do quite often. The creative industry is a place of mystery to most people, so this is no real surprise. Doubly-so when your work lives online. When I was younger, I would try to explain all the details of what […]

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Rulebreakers No. 2 – Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks

Comedy has its fair share of rule breakers. Bruce, Carlin, Pryor, Chapelle all come to mind. But the greatest of all, in my opinion, was Bill Hicks. Even describing him as just a standup comic feels wrong. Combining comedy with activism, philosophy and social commentary, his work continues to inspire performers, artists and thinkers alike. Sadly, like […]

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Rulebreakers No. 1 – Got rebellion?
Got rebellion?

A teacher once told me he had only traditions in his class, not rules. He believed that rules were meant to be broken, so the only way he could maintain some semblance of order in class without betraying his own rebel spirit was by employing traditions. After all, we’re all quite happy to follow tradition. […]

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