Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple, step-by-step universal recipe for achieving anything? A set of instructions that you could follow and at the end you are guaranteed to reach whatever goal you were aiming for. Obviously, there isn’t, or we’d surely long have discovered it and we’d all be on the beach sipping cocktails now. The simple truth is that what works for one, does not necessarily work for another.

Despite this plain and obvious wisdom, we do tend to fall for the “recipe” type of thinking on a regular basis. We think if we work 18 hours a day like Gary Vee, we’ll also be insert-your-dream-here and the only reason we aren’t already is that we don’t work 18 hours a day. Or even worse, we do work 18 hours a day and still don’t achieve our goals.

Consider then that Charles Darwin only worked 5 hours a day and he did quite well for himself. *vinyl needle-scratch*

So, what to do?

The better route, as I see it, is to rather focus on finding what works for you. Prof. N. V. Scarfe said: “Play is the highest form of research”. And that’s how I think one should approach it. “Play” with different approaches, until you find what delivers some of the results you are looking for and build on that. Tweak and optimise. Learn from others and yourself.

It’s good to have role models and learn from their successes. But trying to force fit yourself into someone else’s strategy is as unlikely to lead to success as it is to make you happy. Instead, break the mould, enjoy the process of discovering your own way and inspire those who look up to you to do the same.

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